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“I would like to extend my profound thank you to Shirley Ubell and all the wonderful instructors at CMDE that helped form my youth. There is so much that I still see in myself today that was instilled in me through my many hours and days at the studio. I wouldn’t have changed a thing except to have danced even more years,” – Renata Sahagian

“CMDE is one of the few places in New Jersey where an adult can take all kinds of different dance classes. I love that even though I am a less-than-svelt, 45-year-old mom I am made to feel comfortable, supported, and encouraged in doing so. I love that I can be in a class with a 60-year-old grandma, a 12-year-old kid, a 20-year-old student, and someone using a wheelchair at the same time and we can all have a blast together expressing ourselves artistically.” -Allegra Fox

“I feel “at home” when I’m at CMDE. All of the instructors and dancers have always been so warm and welcoming. I love how Elissa always uses arms and legs in the choreography so that I can participate as much as I can. It makes me feel as though I am not disabled and just like the rest of the class.” -Amanda Trott

“I love that all of your teachers are all professionals, and not just as dancers, but also in their communication skills with regard to the students.” -Jessica Valiente

“The opportunity provided by CMDE in offering a place to contribute to the community has been priceless for me. In opposition to the commercial world of product development and bottom lines, such an opportunity of contribution has offered a reconnection for me to the humanity of dance and the joys of sharing one’s skill and seeing others excited to move.” -Andrew Nemr

“…appreciate all that CMDE does and reminds us that our job to positively impact youth and their families is never over. Thanks for being that shining light in our community,” – Shadae McDaniel, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, The MarquisElite Group.