Dancing Stories from Africa to Hackensack

Dancing Stories from Africa to Hackensack!

February 24, 4PM

Fair Lawn Community Theater

10-10 20th St, Fair Lawn, 07410

“Dancing Stories from Africa to Hackensack “ is CMDE’s 2024 schoolwide, non-competitive dance concert showcasing performers of all ages and abilities.

This eclectic program will include Modern, Hip Hop, and African dances by students, faculty, and guest artists, performed by dancers ranging in age from 4 to 84, and including dancers with disabilities.

This year’s concert will feature “dancing stories”, small pieces created by older dancers with artistic support from Claire Porter, and an African “story dance” choreographed by Yahya Kamate, both made possible with support from a NJ State Council on the Arts Creative Aging Initiative grant.

We will celebrate the cultures of all the many dancers who have come from all over the globe to our humble Hackensack studio to share the language of dance!


  • $20 adults
  • $10 kids, teens, seniors, people with disabilities

Ticket sales will be available at the door before the performance.

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1. Lamban / Welcome Dance / Foundation of Life

Choreography and music: Yahya Kamate & Guest Drummer, Brian Bilsky
Dancers: Alexandreena Dixon, Collette Fournier, Idalize Garcia, Diane Jehle, Beverly Lewis, Michelle Plumber, Jamie Sporn, Brenda Thomas, Sasha Thompson


2. A Way In

Choreographed, written, and performed by Theresa Conlon


3. Get Back Up Again!

Choreographed by Allison Brown. Assisted by Amanda Trott
Dancers: Geraldine Antonio, Amelia & Myra Brown-Warren, Karolyn Jerez, Kamaria & Nina Lespinass
Music from Trolls soundtrack by Anna Kendrick


4. Say Hello to the Fool

Choreographed by Katonya Rochester
Danced with Richard Field
Music by Steals Brothers Melvin & Mervin, sung by Russell Thompkins Jr.


5. Best Day of My Life

Dedicated to dance classmate Maya Vega
Choreographed and directed by Amanda Trott. Assisted by Arielle Goldman
Moving Experience Dancers: Megan Farrell, Daniela Navarro
Music: American Authors


6. Holding Together

Choreographed and performed by Audrey Goodman
Music: Driving Up Country by Robert Een


7. Golden Hour

Choreographed by Allison Brown
Dancers: D.J.& Sarai Bayon, Lauren Cabelo, Emily Gomez, Conan Flynn, Kamaria Lespinass, Cataleya Montoya, Lavender Rivers, Ella Sutherland, Ziara Graham
Music: Novox, Karaokey & Tazzy


8. Love of Being

Choreographed by Alison and Silinea Hilliard
Moving Experience Dancers: Chris Hayer, Megan Farrell, Chesne Valenti
Music by Lee Groves & Peter George Marett

9. Song for Eva

Choreographed and performed by Ruth Bauer Neustadter
Concept and music composed and played by Joshua Draper


10. Sunu

Choreography and music: Yahya Kamate & Guest Drummer, Brian Bilsky
Dancers: Mila Vanden Abeele, Geraldine Antonio, Angelina Bayon, Karolyn Jerez, Lianna Mutabazi, Olivia Wilson, Aria Zaken, Azmia Zongo




11. American Dream

Choreographed by Jayren Madera
Dancers: Angelina, D.J. & Sarai Bayon, Lauren Cabelo, Aaliyah Fulmore, Emily Gomez ,Ziara Graham, Kamaria Lespinass, Cataleya Montoya, Lavender Rivers, Ria Sabholok , Ella Sutherland
Music: Nee-nah by 21 Savage Travis Scott & Metro Boomin


12. Ready to Connect

Choreographed by Elissa Machlin-Lockwood with the dancers
Dancers: Kevin Cooper, Arielle Goldman, Audrey Goodman, Diane Jehle, Sara Muller, Ruth Bauer Neustadter, Liza Ricco, Sharon Silow, Carroll, Carolyn Smith, Amanda Trott
Music: “Higher Ground 2020 Playing Around the Word”


13. Catch or Fall, based on a true story

Choreographed, written, and performed by Debra Zalkind
Music: Blues Walk by Lou Donaldson


14. Wrestling With

Choreographed and performed by Lilliana Amador Marty
With Lena Aronson, Theresa Conlon, Audrey Goodman, Richard Field, Marianne Pita
Music: “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zepplin


15. From Africa to Hackensack!

Choreography and music: Yahya Kamate & Guest Drummer Brian Bilsky
Dancers: Mila Vanden Abeele, Daniel & Sarai Bayon, Lauren Cabelo, Conan Flynn, Ziara Graham, Kamaria Lespinass, Cataleya Montoya, Lianna Mutabazi, Lavender Rivers, Ella Sutherland, Azmia Zongo

Dances 1,2,4,6,9,13,14 were created as are part of 2024 Creative Aging project funded by NJ State Council on Arts

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