There is so much to say about the program. The library loved hosting your dance program!!

The program provided an opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children.  And the feedback I received from the parents and family members regarding the program was so positive. Parents and Grandparents told me that their children/ grandchildren looked forward to dancing and drumming. As an outreach program, we were thrilled to be able to work hand in
hand with the Center for Modern Dance Education, both of us being long-time Hackensack institutions.
Mr. Yahya was wonderful; his rapport with even the most hesitant dancer was so encouraging and he brought out the best in all the kids. When you subbed for him, you were so gracious and gentle, Elissa. One of the best aspects of the program was how much fun the kids had while learning their steps. And the chance to try dancing to see if they liked it was priceless.
For most of our patrons and their families, the opportunity to try new creative experiences for free is wonderful!
I hope that in the future, we can again collaborate. It was a pleasure!