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CMDE is committed to a mission of inclusion, and strives to make dance training, performance opportunities, and concert attendance available to everyone.

If you need information on scholarship and work-study opportunities, please go to the Scholarships/Workstudy page.

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The main level of CMDE’s facility, including it’s large studio which doubles as an informal performance space, the office, one restroom, and the parking-lot, are all wheelchair accessible. All CMDE classes can accommodate wheelchairs, as well as other physical disabilities, including but not limited to mobility impairments, vision, and hearing impairments. (Please note: a small number of weekend classes are held in the downstairs studio, which requires navigation of stairs; please check the schedule and call us if you have questions.) CMDE also makes every effort to select accessible venues when presenting performances.

CMDE runs Moving Experience classes for students with developmental disabilities, and people with developmental disabilities can also take regular classes, as appropriate to their skill and experience level.

Large-print and electronic versions of documents are available upon request.

CMDE’s philosophy of inclusion also extends to older adults, adult beginners, and other “non-traditional” dance students. We have dancers of all ages, sizes, and ability levels, and can assist you in finding a class suitable to your individual needs.

CMDE also offers specialized outreach programs for various populations, including seniors, people with disabilities, youth at-risk, people with special health concerns, and others.

Please contact us if you have any questions about accommodations, need help finding the right class, or provide more information about outreach programs.