Hip Hop

Ages 8 – Adult

Welcome to our Hip Hop Dance class, specially designed for ages 8 to teens! Get ready to groove, pop, and lock as you dive into the energetic and dynamic world of hip hop dance. This class is all about self-expression, creativity, and embracing the vibrant culture of hip hop.

In our Hip Hop Dance class, participants will learn the foundations and fundamentals of hip hop movement while exploring various styles within the genre. From old school to new school, students will be introduced to the iconic moves, footwork, and techniques that make hip hop dance so exciting and popular

Latin fusion (zoom)

Zoom class, Latin Fusion with Allison! Spice up your dance routine with a vibrant fusion of Latin rhythms and energetic movements.

Creative African Dance

Creative African Dance with Yahya is a vibrant and culturally rich class where young dancers will have the opportunity to explore the diverse rhythms, movements, and traditions of African dance styles.

Modern Dancercise

Inclusive Modern Dancercise class designed for adults and seniors with Elissa! Experience the joy of movement, self-expression, and the numerous health benefits of dance in a welcoming and supportive environment. Modern Dancercise for adults and seniors combines the artistry of modern dance with the elements of a gentle and invigorating workout.

Dancing Workout

Inclusive Dancing Workout for adults and seniors. Get ready to experience the joy of movement and the numerous health benefits that dancing brings. This class is specifically designed to cater to adults and seniors of all fitness levels, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Ballet Basics

Ballet Basics, a class designed for individuals aged 11 and up. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore the grace and beauty of ballet or someone with previous dance experience seeking to refine your technique, this class is the perfect opportunity to delve into the foundational elements of ballet.