CMDE Creative Aging Project Workshop “Singing Stories and Story Singing”

Do you wish you could call out for your desires – and they would somehow appear? Like many of our dreams, that one has an element of truth to it. Singing can bring your inner life into the waking world.

In her book Singing – Body and Soul, Barbara J Simon talks to singers, young and old about how the voice works. Re-exploring your voice at an older age can be a new adventure. This course will explore simple songs, vocal warm-ups, and the science around the musical instrument that you were born with.

The book is endorsed by Stephen Flaherty (Tony-winning composer of Ragtime, Anastasia, Once on This Island), and by Deke Sharon (creator of the a cappella movies series Pitch Perfect, and DCappella for Disney)

Also included in the project Dancing Stories & Story Dances.

  • Monday, January 29 at 12PM
  • Tuesday, January 30 at 1PM
BJ Simon Singing Studio

With coach Barbara Simon.

Opportunities for one-on-one assistance will also be available.

The worshop is grant-supported and free to participants 55 and over. Participants in the project will also receive free CMDE Dancers workouts or Sunday African Dance classes from January 15-February 24.

Contact Call: 201-342-2989

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